Payment method

What are the various modes of payment at Flairjunkie?

You can pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card, PayTM or Net-banking option. All these are prepaid methods of placing an order. You can also place an order using “Cash on Delivery” method.

What does "Cash on Delivery" mean?

We understand that you might want to pay for an order by cash. That’s why we’ve got a very convenient option where you can pay at your doorstep before receiving the package and signing the delivery sheet.

How much will be the shipping cost me?

All prepaid orders above Rs.999 will be shipped free of cost. For any orders below Rs.999, a nominal shipping fee of Rs.90 would be applied. There will be an additional INR 50 “Cash on Delivery” fees would be applied to all COD orders irrespective of the order value.

For Cash-On-Delivery orders, can I check the package before paying for it?

We encourage you to avoid accepting any package if it isn’t in a tampered state. However, our courier person will hand over the package to you to open only once the payment has been made.

Can I Gift-Wrap a product for someone?

That’s an amusing thought! We can gift-wrap a product for you at Rs.25/- per order. To ensure that the recipient doesn’t pay for their own gift, we insist that for a gift-wrapped order, the mode of payment would have to be online. You can also write a handwritten note for your loved ones by leaving a comment in the “Message box”. If you want to have each product packed separately, we recommend that you place an order for each product individually.